Medical Report

Prevention is better than cure
Protect your family from mosquitoes and other insects

According to the report of central health department the southern districts of kerala would be under chicken gunea of denky fever on comming mansoon season. So we have to take a good precaution against it. We can keep our doors and windows by installing insect screen.

Insect screens are used for the protection from mosquitoes and other insects for doors, windows and ventilators. It is made by aluminium frames, powder coated or anodized finish with HDPE mesh, stainless steel mesh etc...
It acts as an additional shutter to the windows and doors. So that the amin shutter (Existing Shutter) can be left open for allowing free flow of air & light and the same time preventing the entry of insects especially the mosquitoes.



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Reserve Bank of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India

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MES College of Engineering

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